Nathan's Story

Local Happenings - Whale That Came Ashore

A huge whale was washed up on Silver Strand in 1942. Try to picture this; it was over 80 feet long and 12 to 14 feet wide. His jaw-bone alone was 14 foot long and at least 4 foot wide. There was a line of holes along his jaw-bone, it was presumed that as the war was on at the time, it may have been mistaken for a submarine and was shot at and hence came to be washed up.

The Big Flood

It had rained steadily all day Sunday but as night fell the rain grew heavier. People were unable to sleep due to the down pour. Yet many could not have imagined the scenes of devastation that they would face on Sunday morning. Louisburgh was flooded and the Carrowniskey Bridge had collapsed. Despite the ravages of the storm people were thankful that no lives had been lost. In our area a few local heroes were created. P.J. Sammin was returning from town and put out a warning. As recounted elsewhere in this publication Sean Morrison took his life in his own hands to save people.

Writer:  Nathan Lyons

The original hand written story is available below


Nathan_Lyons1.pdf (3558k)

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