Callum's Story

Old Irish Past

In 1906 my great, great grandfather joined the Irish Guards just before World War 1. He travelled from London to Boyle and then Boyle to Sligo. He worked at the Island bridge barracks as a clerk. In 1916 my great grandmother (who was living in Rutland Square at the time) saw papers flying around and they were on fire! The four courts had been set on fire and the flames up to dome and the heat was desperate. Then there was the time when the bombings happened. My great grandmother said the rosary when the bombings were happening. Two people were killed at the door and when a bomb fell in my great grandmother described seeing limbs in debris.

Weather Lore

Red sky at night shepherd’s delight
Red sky at morning sailor’s warning
Cows are on the ground cold weather is bound
Cows are standing up the sun will be up


Hopscotch - how to play.
Step 1 draw 10 boxes as diagram shows.
Step 2.  Take it in turn to throw a stone straight starting from 1 and going up. With every successful throw you must hop on the single numbers and stand on the double numbers avoiding the box with stone on it.

Traffic Lights- how to play

Step 1. Take it in turn to say traffic lights. Traffic lights 1,2, 3, and turn around and everyone else has to turn still. Anyone moving is out. First one to reach the speaker wins.

Rubber Bands - how to play

Step 1. Take one enormous rubber band and two people stand apart from each other as diagram shows, and others jump in between the band in any way you like for a time limit. Take it in turns to be the people with the bands on their ankles.

Skipping Ropes - how to play

Take a piece of rope measuring about 120cms long and start swinging it over your head and under your feet repeatedly. How long can you last? You could also try this using a bigger rope and more people skipping over and under it.

Hulahoops - how to play

Take a hoop that is roughly one meter in diameter and start swinging it around your waist, arm or ankle and see how long you last before it falls.


1. Dolls
2. Teaset (made of tin).
3. A toy pram (to go with her dolls).
4. Teddys.
5. Toy soldiers.
6. Toy cars
7. Board games.
8. Art and Crafts.

Writer: Callum Moore

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