Sarah's Story

My Grandmother's Fair Days

There were four old fair days a year, and a fair every month in Louisburgh. The old fair was a much bigger and busier fair. Farmers brought their cattle and sheep and other livestock into town. The fair was held on the streets of the town. Farmers had to walk their stock as there were no tractors or trailers. If people lived a long way from town they would have to leave home in the dark early morning. Cattle buyers called jobbers arrived in town to seek good bargains. They walked through the fair to see what was on offer. When they bought livestock the farmer brought them to the outskirts of the town, to load them onto the jobber’s lorry. A lot of talking and barking of dogs could be heard as they were loading the cattle. The farmer then got paid. Traders displayed their goods including clothes, shoes, wellingtons, others had delph and fancy goods.

Writer: Sarah Lyons 4th Class

Teller: Sarah’s Grandmother

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