Martin's Story

Kilgeever Well

It was blessed by St. Patrick on his way from Croagh Patrick to Cahir Island. Long ago people adored the elements i.e. sun, moon and water. To change them over to Catholics St. Patrick blessed the well and it acted as a source of life. It was then said it had a cure for blindness.

A Story Told

Once a man was mocking the idea that the well would cure blindness. He brought a blind ass to the well. The ass was cured and he lost his sight!

Back in 1980s up to 1930s - Children were left off at houses by families that couldn’t feed them to families that were more well off and could feed them. This happened in Ballyhip to a local family who cannot be named (at present) for privacy reasons.

Kilgeever Abbey was where Monks lived and they used the well as a source of water to drink. Hence Kilgeever Parish. Next church was the building that is the ruin beside the National school. Next church was where Harneys garage used to be and next church is where the existing one is now. The Holy Water font on the existing church is the original one from Harneys. A man by the name of Henry Murphy erected the Cross over the well. When bubbles come up in the well it is a good sign that your request would be granted.

The Big Snow

Happened in 1947 - Large drifts of snow blocked the roads. It even delayed burials, they had to find the correct transport.

Freeze at night time - you could walk across rivers, they brought horses across to the forge, they had to put frost nails in the horses shoe to give them a grip, a great time was had by the kids, playing with the snow and sliding on the ice.

Schools were closed - heavy fall lasted six weeks. There were great crops later that year, all the bad germs in the air and soil were killed. Majority of houses were thatched and with small windows, this made them warmer and cosier.

Weather Lores

1. The moon and the weather may change together but a change of the moon will not change the weather.
2. Rain before seven, fine before eleven.
3. Evening red and morning grey two sure signs of one fine day.
4. Dew on the grass, rain won’t come to pass.
5. Cold is the night when the stars shine bright.
6. A rainbow afternoon, good weather coming soon.#

Writer: Martin Ball

Teller: Bernie Ball & Seamus Ball

The original hand written story is available below


Martin_Ball.pdf (5077k)

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