Jordan's Story

The Story of Bouris School

Bouris School was opened in November 1839. It had one room and by 1846 there were 100 pupils the Patron was Lord Sligo. After the famine there were less pupils at the school and it closed fro a while. In 1863 the teacher was paid fourteen pounds a year. The school stayed in use until 1999 when it closed for good. My mammy went to school there.

Lavelles Cottage

We have an old cottage that used to belong to Tom Lavelle. It is over 100 years old. It has a big open fire with a black crook to hang the kettle on. It has a big dresser that was made in 1906. The walls are very thick and made of stone and dough. There is an attic over the kitchen. We found lots of old books that Tom used when going to school in 1928. They are interesting to look at. There are lots of Holy pictures too.

Writer: Jordan Bissett 3rd Class

Teller: Mags Joyce

The original hand written story is available below


Jordan_Bissett.pdf (2885k)

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