Jim's Story


Feb 1947 “The Great Snow”. Snow over six feet fell. Frost also struck that year. It took a few months for everything to get back to normal.
A big freeze happened in the mid 1950s. It lasted a good while. Lakes and any still water was well frozen over.

The big flood happened on the night of August 31st/September 1st 1947. Carrowniskey Bridge collapsed; bridge at Killeen was swept away. Other small bridges were also washed away. The big C.I.E. bus had to stop bringing pupils to secondary school, mini buses took over.
Jan 6th 1839 “The night of the big wind”. It only lasted a couple of hours but it was like a hurricane. It took the thatched roofs off some houses and scattered reeks of hay and stacks of oats.

There were superstitions associated with the weather as well. Red sky at night is a farmer’s delight, red sky in the morning is a shepherds’ warning.

St. Swittens day on the 15th July, if it rained on this day, tradition was that it would rain for 40 days and 40 nights. Farmers watched the sky nervously on the 14th & 15th and tried to have their hay saved.


Tip - a game of catch where if you are tipped you have to catch someone else.

123 Red-light - one person turned their back on the others and called out 1, 2, 3, Red-light and the others had to stop in their tracks and not move.

Red Rover- one team had to make a line with their hands joined, while the other team had to try and break through the hands.

Queenio Queenio - Queenio, Queenio,
Who has the ball?
Is she big or is she small,
Is she fat or is she thin,
Or is she like a rolling pin.
This was a verse you sang out while guessing who had the ball.

Jackstones- was a game played with five stones that were the same size and a verse was sung with this as well.

Ring-a Ring-a Rosie- Ring a ring a Rosie,
A pocket full of posies,
Atishoo, atishoo we all fall down,
Down in the bottom of the deep blue sea,
Catching fishes in the deep blue sea,
Ashes ion the water, ashes in the sea,
We all jump up, one, two, three.

Girls liked to play skipping games and chant rhymes while they skipped, e.g.” Teddy bear turn around”, “Sally Sally Saucer”, “My Mummy Says”.

Writer: Jim Power

Teller: Jim's Uncle Charlie

The original hand written story is available below


Jim_Power_11.pdf (4190k)

Jim_Power_2.pdf (3284k)

Jim_Power_31.pdf (4180k)

Jim_power_41.pdf (3329k)

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