Finnion's Story

Travelling Community

In the 1940s members of the travelling community would come around to different villages and people would give them a biscuit box. It would be about a foot square. They would then sit under the hedge and make a saucepan out of it for milking the cow. They were very good at it. In exchange for this they would ask for either a bag of horse hair or some feathers. They would sell this on to make clothes and the horse hair would make a collar for the horses. They made the saucepans which were used for milking the cows, were more useful than the buckets which would spill when the cow would kick it. The travelling community would sleep by the side of the road. They had horses and cars painted red or green. Most travellers died at a young age from sleeping in non water proof shelters by the side of the road. They got diseases like T.B and pneumonia.

Writer: Finnion O’Toole

Teller: Finnion’s Grandad

The original hand written story is available below


Finnion_O_Toole.pdf (1916k)

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