Aidan's Story

My Grandads Daily Life as a Kid

In 1944 when my Granddad was eleven this was his daily life. He lived on a farm with cows, sheep, donkeys a horse, chickens, ducks, geese, a cat and a dog. Every morning he got up at 8am for school. He had a hard boiled egg for breakfast. Then he went out to feed the animals.
He walked to school every morning. The journey was less than half a mile long. His school was in Thallabawn. His favourite subject was English. For lunch he would have bread and butter.
His favourite game was football. If he was not able to get a ball granddad and his friends would play with a sod of turf. For a treat he would have a sweet called sugar candy.
His chores were to bring in turf for the fire and to bring water from the well. In his house there were three rooms and eight children and four adults. For fun he would catch rabbits. For dinner he would have a rabbit or a chicken or salted fish.
His family did not have a T.V. or a radio, so to find out the news his father got the Mayo News weekly and stood in the shop listening to the radio and went back home and told everyone. He didn’t read a lot of books but he did say the rosary every night before bed.
On a school night he would go to bed at 9pm/10pm and on weekends he went to bed at 11pm.

Writer: Aidan O’Malley 5th class

Teller: Tom O’Malley (Grandad)

The original hand written story is available below


Aidan_O_Malley.pdf (4079k)

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