Killeen Church

Still a focal point in the community; as it was over a hundred years ago.

By Mary O'Malley

Photo:View from the Altar in Killeen

View from the Altar in Killeen

Mary O'Malley


Although the Catholic church in Ireland has undergone many changes over the last few years, St. Patricks in Louisburgh and Holy Family Church in Killeen remain open and are very much part of life in our community.

It is testament to the united and resilient nature of the people of Kilgeever Parish, who despite many challenges, have continued to support our two local churches.

Photo:Killeen Altar, Easter 2011

Killeen Altar, Easter 2011

Mary O'Malley

Killeen church is such a beautiful yet intimate church. It has served the people of Killeen for over a hundred years. Indeed, Louisburgh the parish church will celebrate it's 150 years anniversary next year.

If you would like to find information on Baptism/Death/Marriage records for Kilgeever Parish you can email the Parish Priest, Fr. Mattie Long at

Our parish newsletter can be viewed here 

Photo:Beautiful Detail on the Altar in Killeen

Beautiful Detail on the Altar in Killeen

Mary O'Malley

Photo:Killeen, Easter 2011

Killeen, Easter 2011

Mary O'Malley

Photo:Christmas Crib in Killeen on Jan 6th 2011

Christmas Crib in Killeen on Jan 6th 2011

Mary O'Malley

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