The Colony in Bunlehinch

Photo:Bunlehinch Bridge or Clapper Bridge

Bunlehinch Bridge or Clapper Bridge

Mary O'Malley

A very detailed account of the Colony at Bunlehinch, outside Louisburgh in Co. Mayo

By Seamus McNally

My native place lies about 8Kms from Louisburgh town and close to the half-parish church and graveyard of Killeen. Take a right turn off the Louisburgh road, adjacent to my childhood home, and you’re onto a small road called The Colony Road. We will now walk that road and tell the story of why it is called The Colony.

Take a moment to reflect on the events described, while I read my short poem, “Bóirín na Deirce.”


We will stroll a while, you and I,

Down a long-forgotten, famine road,

Back the way; the path our people came.

Bóirín na Deirce, road of alms,

Each side bound in by solid stone.


A uniform of moss and lichen,

Will not hide a stone’s sad scéal.


‘In a place neither now nor then,

Not so long ago; when stones could talk…’

‘Oh, seanachaí, let your story flow.’


Those solid stones, like skulls and bones,

Large or small, round and square,

Each a single sacred story.


Séamus McNally



The full text of Séamus McNally's lecture is available to download below. 


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