Full Text of Poem-Community Postcards- Daoine agus Áit 2021

Photo:Gowlaun Church Ruins

Gowlaun Church Ruins

Steven Morrison

Photo:Holy Well at Kilgeever

Holy Well at Kilgeever

Mary O'Malley

Photo:Mweelrea sweeping down to the Killary

Mweelrea sweeping down to the Killary

Mary O'Malley

Photo:The Bear & The Cub Cross

The Bear & The Cub Cross

A. J. Clarke

Photo:St Patrick once kneeled at Kilgeever

St Patrick once kneeled at Kilgeever

Mary O'Malley

Photo:Famine Clapper Bridge

Famine Clapper Bridge

Anne Cullen

Photo:Potato Ridge

Potato Ridge

Steven Morrison

Photo:Ruins of once loved homes

Ruins of once loved homes

Steven Morrison

Photo:Familiar Track

Familiar Track

Mary O'Malley

Photo:Wild spaces

Wild spaces

Mary O'Malley

Photo:Place of my birth

Place of my birth

Mary O'Malley

Photo:Postcard 2021

Postcard 2021

Mary O'Malley

Ar Bhruacha Chuan Mó

By Mary OMalley

Ar Bhruacha Chuan Mó



An echo rebounds

from these hallowed grounds,

sacred and most holy of wells.

From the cliffs of Mweelrea

to the mouth of the Killary,

into wild Atlantic swells.


Over grey stone walls

a lone whisper calls,

carried through barren fields.

Past unnamed headstones,

this tale still roams

around where Patrick once kneeled.


Famine bridge,

potato ridge,

the landscape still carries it on.

Memories told,

stories unfold,

local airs, poetry and song.


This is the dream

of Louisburgh-Killeen,

remembered often.

Pulling me back

to the familiar track,

never forgotten.


In wild green spaces,

people and places,

the mind begins to roam.

And whisper gives voice

to an unspoken choice:

the heart will always go home.


Light starts to fade,

casting its shade,

bringing a close to the day.

The salt of the earth,

the place of my birth,

God’s Pocket on the shores of Clew Bay.

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