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Page link: A memory from Cregganbaun
A memory from Cregganbaun
The Pig's Head
Page link: A Memory of Killeen
A Memory of Killeen
By John F. Kennedy
Page link: Clapper Bridge and the Colony
Clapper Bridge and the Colony
With Aerial Photography by Jack Dolan
Page link: Curradavitt
An Aerial View
Page link: Curradavitt - facts and figures
Curradavitt - facts and figures
Some interesting changes over the years....
Page link: Dance Hall Days
Dance Hall Days
Keane's Hall
Page link: Doughmakeon
A language of its own?
Page link: Glen Keen Farm
Glen Keen Farm
A New Venture for the Family Farm
Page link: Kilgeever Holy Well
Kilgeever Holy Well
The Pilgrimage
Page link: Killeen
A Brief Description
Page link: Killeen Church
Killeen Church
Still a focal point in the community; as it was over a hundred years ago.
Page link: Killeen Church Centenary 1997
Killeen Church Centenary 1997
Dancing the half set in Killeen Community Centre
Page link: Lime Kiln, Mooneen
Lime Kiln, Mooneen
Fertilising and Whitewashing
Page link: Louisburgh
An Alternate Speculative History
Page link: Louisburgh Town
Louisburgh Town
The Founding of Louisburgh
Page link: McDermott's Hotel, Louisburgh
McDermott's Hotel, Louisburgh
A postcard from 1945
Page link: New Public Playground Opened in Killeen
New Public Playground Opened in Killeen
Great team work and community spirit.....
Page link: Old Bog Road Walk-Heritage Week 2021
Old Bog Road Walk-Heritage Week 2021
Walking the Old Bog Road Loop from Killeen
Page link: Recording of the Graveyards in Kilgeever Parish
Recording of the Graveyards in Kilgeever Parish
Moving forward with the times.
Page link: Researching Family connections
Researching Family connections
Lock Down 2020- perhaps time to search.....
Page link: Standing Stones
Standing Stones
Burials, borders, territories or treasure?
Page link: The Colony in Bunlehinch
The Colony in Bunlehinch
A very detailed account of the Colony at Bunlehinch, outside Louisburgh in Co. Mayo
Page link: The Lost Valley
The Lost Valley
A Journey Back Through Time
Page link: Walk & Talk- Heritage Week 2021
Walk & Talk- Heritage Week 2021
An outdoor walk with Maureen Joyce- local passionate gardener
Category link: Killeen Loop Walks
Killeen Loop Walks
Two signed walks around the local area starting and finishing in Killeen