Holy Family National School, Killeen

We recently undertook a Local History Project in conjunction with Louisburgh-Killeen Heritage Group and the Museum of Country Life, Turlough. This project was based upon gathering local folklore and traditions by way of storytelling.

Children from Fifth and Sixth Classes chose somebody to interview and explored and discovered the many traditions and ways of living which were important in our local area in times gone by. As a teacher, I found this project was of tremendous educational value in my classroom. Local Studies is a strand on our History Curriculum, and not only did this project link with the curriculum, but children were highly engaged as they were working as historians, unearthing the past.

We discovered many interesting things about our own history, our family history and the history of our local community. Children wrote about topics ranging from the local post office to local old cures. We documented many proverbs and old sayings and learned about the old schools in the area.

Many interesting stories unfolded from our interviews. Both pupils and teacher benefited enormously from this worthwhile project and I am delighted to have been involved with it.

Mrs. Brid Grady

Principal, Holy Family N.S. Killeen

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Anna's Story
Famine Times
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Aoife's Story
Buying and Selling
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Chloe's Story
Proverbs and Old Sayings
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Cora's Story
Local Cures
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Deirdre's Story
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Jack's Story
The Local Forge
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The Post Office
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Jason's Story
Old Schools
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Kathleen's Story
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Luke's Story
Buying and Selling
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Mark's Story
Funny Story
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Matthew's Story
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Padraic's Story
Old Crafts
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Sean B's Story
Page link: Sean's Story
Sean's Story
Old Schools
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Shauna's Story
Severe Weather