Old photographs are great to look at and some of you may even remember how people and places once looked, others will hopefully enjoy seeing how things have changed.

For those of you elsewhere in the world we try to include some up to date pictures so you can see what's changed and what you are missing!

If you see a building, some scenery or a person not named it would be a great help if you could assist us in identifying the picture. Comments can be added at the bottom of any page and please feel free to upload or send us copies of any photographs you would like included.

Page link: Old Newspaper Cuttings...
Old Newspaper Cuttings...
Louisburgh Agricultural Show August 1967
Page link: O'Grady Family
O'Grady Family
Feenone / Curradavitt
Page link: Curradavitt
An Aerial View
Page link: Carramore Sisters
Carramore Sisters
Catherine, Anne, Agnes, Sarah & Margaret Joyce
Page link: Canon Eugene O. Nee
Canon Eugene O. Nee
Photographs from a memorable weekend - Golden Jubilee Mass at Knock Shrine, June 2014
Page link: Edward Hallinan
Edward Hallinan
Page link: The Toner (Tonra) Family
The Toner (Tonra) Family
Cahir, Louisburgh
Page link: Retirement Presentation
Retirement Presentation
Holy Family National School, Killeen
Page link: Photos from Ballyhip
Photos from Ballyhip
Some nice old photos from Ballyhip.
Page link: Some local Set dancers
Some local Set dancers
Enjoying a night in the Ocean Lodge, Killadoon in February 2007
Page link: Heritage Day 1980's
Heritage Day 1980's
Spot the Holy Nuns who visited that day.
Page link: Irish Countrywomen's Association (ICA)
Irish Countrywomen's Association (ICA)
Summer School, Rosturk Castle 1938
Page link: Local Scenery
Local Scenery
A selection of pictures showing the beautiful landscape that surrounds this wonderful part of West Ireland.
Category link: People of the Past
People of the Past
A collection of photographs of people of the area